Archived content. Years 1995-2009.

Management mindsets, methods and tools developed in the industrial era may turn out to be as irrelevant in the knowledge-based future, as agrarian tools were on the factory floor. There is not yet an established practice of management for our age. We are early champions and pilots for the new disciplines of interactive value creation as they emerge.

We believe that knowledge work is creative work done in interaction.

Our mission is research, teaching and executive advice for knowledge workers, students and managers facing the challenges of today. We examine organizational contexts where creative learning takes place and we study organizational dynamics for emergence of value, order and novelty.

We believe that organizations should be seen continuously reproduced and transformed in the ongoing processes of interaction. Our main focus is improving the dynamics of creativity, efficiency and relating through the corporate use of social software and WEB 2.0 approaches.

We help our customers release the potential for coherence and novelty in everyday work and in digital work environments. We believe that change is not done through major change programs, but changing participation in the present.

The ultimate aim we have is to help people think better together. We believe that if people canít talk together and think together, they canít act together.